After builders cleaning is an essential part of the construction as no project is accomplished without it. You might believe that you can clean it yourself. However, thorough cleaning of a building after construction isn’t as easy as cleaning your house. Removal of debris, dust particles, chemical residues, scrubbing windows is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of time, strength, manpower, and special cleaning tools. Gold clean after builders in Sydney can do this job for you effortlessly and with efficiency. So, why not hire a professional after builders cleaner to do this task?

Gold Clean after builder visit your place and do a proper risk assessment.

Why it is important to hire after builders cleaning professionals?

Safety: Heavy wood, tiles, sharp nails, and broken pieces of glass, working at height, can cause you a physical injury. Professionals use special techniques, products, and tools to handles them. They know what safety procedures should be followed while doing different cleaning tasks. Thus, it is better to hire a professional to clear them.


Debris, dust particles, chemical residues, can impact your health in different ways. Hiring after builders cleaning ensures that when you move into the newly constructed house or building, it should be clean and safe for you.


Constructing a house or a building takes months and years. So, you can imagine how much cleaning it would need. A common person cannot perform the task as a professional does. Commercial after builder team will do a thorough cleaning of every inch of your place and make it spotless and impurity-free in much lesser time than you think.

Types of Cleaning: After builders cleaners follow two-step cleaning to make your place sparkle and clean.

Initial clean:

In this first step, after builders remove all the debris, dust, rubbish, and material particles from the surface of the building. This step also helps them find any trade defect.

Final clean:

This progression gives your property a polished and perfect look. Ceilings are cleaned, hardwood floors are polished, tiled walls and floors are cleaned. These cleaners remove every bit of dust traces with the best cleaning equipment and products. And then, your newly constructed or renovated place is ready to live in.

Tailor-made services at Gold Clean:

If you are looking after builders cleaning services Sydney for commercial or residential purposes, Gold clean is the right choice. You can get your quotation as per your requirement. Gold Clean after builders cleaning services includes:

● Removing debris and all remaining materials on the surfaces of the building.

● Removing dust and dirt

● Moping all the floors and staircases.

● Cleaning all the windows

● Cleaning and polishing the bathroom tiles, bathtub and toilet

● Polishing the woodwork

● Deep cleaning of bathroom

● Cleaning all the skirts and doors

● Cleaning surfaces and woodwork

● Other cleaning services (on request)

Apart from these services, Gold clean also deals in:

● Home cleaning

● Carpet cleaning

● Windows cleaning

● Commercial cleaning

● High-pressure cleaning

I hope you got an idea that why it is important to hire after builders cleaning services and how they can make a difference in the cleaning process. If you have any requirement of after construction builder cleaning services in Sydney, contact us at 1300-70-80-24 for a free quotation. We are here to help you in making your building clean, hygienic, dust-free, and ready to move in.